Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Sign of Renunciation

Getting tired of the lies called love,
Getting tired of the lies called hatred.

Getting tired of the lies called friendship,
Getting tired of the lies called stranger.

Getting tired of the lies called family,
Getting tired of the lies called enemies.

Friends and stranger, families and enemies,
they come and go, no matter how hard we wish they stay.
After all people's heart won't stay the same.

Pain and sorrow, joy and happiness,
they're but a castle built upon sand.
By water and wind, it vanished.

In desperation people built it over and over,
by blood and tears it succeed again and again.
Yet in vain they lost it from one to another.

Listen with sympathy,
live is but a loop of jumping dream.
One end would mark another beginning of endless cycle.
Humans' greed, lust, and ignorance turn it eternally.

Listen with joy,
mind is but a tricky magician.
It made us sees pain as pleasure, and pleasure as pain.
By understanding our greed,
someday we might understand what is the most precious thing to us...

Sunday, July 13, 2014


Because I choose to walk this lonely path,
because I choose not to trust anyone,
because I choose to be ruthless to my foes,
Am I strong now?


What it means to be strong?
Is it harsh words?

What it means to be strong?
Is it beatings?

What it means to be strong?
Is it endurance?

What it means to be strong?
I can't differ it from being cruel...

Fire would harden clay,
but it also break the same clay...

So tell me,
How can I being strong?

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Wall of Flame

The flame radiating its warmth,
but might burn someone to death.
Alas, society is but a sea of flame,
if we're not keep a distance,
we'll become ashes!


There will always be someone,
who suffers more than us.
But this suffering is not light,
enemies is not few.

Not wanting to add for more,
better walk away from discomfort.
Everyone might be friend or foe,
better prepare to cut them off earlier.


The trust once given,
might become weapons directed to us.
Friends or foe come and go,
either way they might be the same person.

Whom I can trust,
a midst this changing world?
People's heart built upon sand,
when wind come they're swiped.


The plate has been shattered.
Either fixed or thrown away,
the mark will always be visible.


Defiled white veiled by mere fragrance.
Hidden hatred shown as fake goodwill.
Even if this heart is full of angst,
we have no choice but to put a smile.