Friday, June 20, 2014


Fine tips piercing like a light,
never lose control and sight.
Say for love there must be fight,
but for me never been a slight.


A great mountain I dream,
how peace I found no sin.
Within a mirage we swim,
this truth so few has seen.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Regarding Betrayal

Three common reasons when friends or family betray us.

1. Foolishness

Under this category :
- Inability to understand someone's character, tendency, and intention that leads to misunderstanding.
- Inability to communicate our thought in clear word.
- Weak stance. Those who doesn't have strong principal of life. Easily affected by someone else.

2. Hatred

- Past mistakes that leave permanent mark in mind. Even if forgiven, any provocation will make it revealed again.
- Hatred that born from misunderstanding.
- Hatred that born from differences of thought or culture.

3. Greed

- Greed that blinds people make someone can do unthinkable deeds.
- Greed for money and for deluded love.

Those who have small chance to betray us.

1. Those with small greed. Having a certain degree of renunciation towards worldly delight.
2. Those with a certain degree of concentration and self-control.
3. Those who understand how fragile this world is.
4. Those who has strong compassion.


I'd rather be a naive child that still believe in heaven and hell then being an adult that only believe in money.

There are people that are overly proud of their worldly achievement such as good career, good business, beautiful spouse, and many else. I wonder, are they ever think that it won't be with them forever? Running away from reality will only make it more painful...

Monday, June 9, 2014

Ignorance and Hatred

Ignorance breeds ambition...

Fail to see what is the source of happiness, what is the source of pain, thirsty peoples crave for salt water. Our greed can't be satisfied by feeding it, even with every kind of pleasure available in this world. Because nothing is permanent, including our mind.

Ambition blinds empathy...

In order to get everything we want, we could do the many unthinkable cruel things to others. For the sake of worldly ambition, call it money, power, or sex, even family and friends could be sacrificed.

Lacking of empathy breeds hatred...

Hatred towards other, hatred towards us. Those whom we hurt hates us, those who doesn't think like we do, we hate them.

Hatred breeds anxiety...

Drowning in the ocean of sins, life like "to kill or to be killed". Fear become a part of live, because we fear that others would treat us like we did. Hell is nothing in afterlife, because sins of hatred and cruelty making us always seeing hell on earth.


Fake smile and insincere kindness,
All I want is nothing but love.
My mind is wondering like child,
In pain trying to believe in fairy tale.
Live is nothing like happily ever after,
Yelling for help, you get back-stabbed.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Final Distance

By : Utada Hikaru

I'm anxious but I can't say anything
I'm tired of swimming, even you've become silent

I want to see you, but an invisible wave pushes us
Again, just a little more distance

Try not to stop keep it going baby
If you don't feel the same then tell me
Even if your principle is to not try
It's alright to try a little

I wanna be with you now
Let's shorten the distance with the two of us
We can still make it on time
We can start over
We can't be as one

I wanna be with you
Someday even this distance
We'll be able to embrace
We can start sooner
After all I wanna be with you

You, who gets hurt with a single word
Taught me what loneliness is

When you can't protect me keep on trying baby
It's not as I promised but trust me
My principle is to not try but
I would do it for you

I wanna be with you now
Look at our distance with the two of us
We can still make it
We can start over
I want to tell you with words

I wanna be with you now
One day, even the distance
I'll be able to embrace
We should stay together
After all, I need to be with you

To The Western Sky (Nishi no Sora e)

By : Spoon

Making my way through the blueness of the sky
I'll reach you with all my heart

My broken watch should be left here
If there is something to believe in...

Until I grab hold of my dreams, my eyes won't change
From looking up at the distant western sky
If I want to cross over it, I can't look back
I wear down my shoes as I move on

With every single breath I take
I'm happily escaping

Even the straight path is surprising and uneven
I'm not worried about the gaps

Until tomorrow is in sight, I shall raise my head
Aiming at the far-off western sky
So I'll never forget, don't let go of these hands
My priority is what is most important

Until I grab hold of my dreams, my eyes won't change
From looking up at the distant western sky
If I want to cross over it, I can't look back
I wear down my shoes as I move on

Thursday, June 5, 2014


One war has ended,
another just waiting.

The wound can't be healed,
what has been lost can't be recovered.

The tiger who chase two rabbits,
nothing she could gain in the end.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The Day We Used to Spend Together

We take a nap,
you cook a dish.

we were gone holiday,
I just sit smiling.

We talk many joke,
we sing many songs.

You share your life,
I just listen to them.

We're hanging out,
you keep the mood.

Are they all just a dream?
The bubble that vanish into the air.

Family or friends is just a name,
by money and power they're swiped.

Reason for Unsettle

Beberapa waktu ini ada 2 orang yang berkata pada saya : "Kamu sudah dewasa, kalau aku nggak bisa membuat kamu mengerti, aku nyerah..."

Pernyataan itu membuahkan pemikiran di benak saya. Jadi karena sudah dewasa, sudah mandiri dan bisa cari uang sendiri, mereka tidak lagi punya otoritas atas diri ini. Mereka tidak lagi bisa mengancam akan mengusir atau menampar saya. Di lain pihak, dengan kata2 seperti itu, selain mereka tidak mau berusaha lebih lanjut untuk membuat saya mengerti, itu juga berarti andaikata ada kejadian yang menimpa saya saat ini sehingga mereka berkata demikian di waktu saya masih kecil, pasti saya sudah dimaki-maki dan dipaksa diam tanpa penjelasan lebih lanjut.

Mungkin itulah kenyataan hidup... Yang kuat akan menggunakan kekuatan mereka "demi kebaikan". Berapa banyak hal2 yang tidak terselesaikan karena sikap seperti itu?

Anyway, andaikata saya masih dipertemukan kembali dengan mereka2 yang telah membuat unsettle things pada saya sejak saya masih kecil, saya akan pertanyakan pada mereka, "Kenapa dulu kamu sedah memaki saya didepan umum lalu kemudian merobek layangan kami? Tidak cukup puas kah???"