Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Regarding Betrayal

Three common reasons when friends or family betray us.

1. Foolishness

Under this category :
- Inability to understand someone's character, tendency, and intention that leads to misunderstanding.
- Inability to communicate our thought in clear word.
- Weak stance. Those who doesn't have strong principal of life. Easily affected by someone else.

2. Hatred

- Past mistakes that leave permanent mark in mind. Even if forgiven, any provocation will make it revealed again.
- Hatred that born from misunderstanding.
- Hatred that born from differences of thought or culture.

3. Greed

- Greed that blinds people make someone can do unthinkable deeds.
- Greed for money and for deluded love.

Those who have small chance to betray us.

1. Those with small greed. Having a certain degree of renunciation towards worldly delight.
2. Those with a certain degree of concentration and self-control.
3. Those who understand how fragile this world is.
4. Those who has strong compassion.

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