Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Eve of The Future

Peep me with a chemical scope
until the coming of dawn
There are no taboos between us
so you may love me anatomically
to your heart's desire

The whole city
is a one huge test site
As soon as you become useless
you're promptly erased
so live passionately now while you can

In the underground Garden of Eden
the happiness we struggle for is but a mirage

O' Eve of the Future
The android without tears
born of the bones of Mephistopheres;
the goddess of corruption
Let me to your your apple,
let me taste it, let me bite it
let me savour the flavour of sin

Inside the brains of metal
lies a dazzling feeling of ecstacy
It is the memory of the maidens,
Who died remaining as angels
Nobody can change
the fate that's been decided
In those days of slavery
under the heel of
a heartless god
there is no such thing as freedom

The only thing I can believe in
is the smiling body lying down here

O' Eve of Ideals
the electronic courtesan of repose,
the device that manipulates love,
that the scientists
used up all their skill to create
Catch the snake of temptation,
fondle it, stab it
and let me probe the depths of darkness

Whenever you look at me with your eyes
the pulse starts to ring inside my ruby heart

I am Eve,
an android who was raised
among the delusions of the megalopolis
but who still knows no impurity
so please hold me gently

Eve of the Future,
born of the bones of Mephistopheres,
the android who know tears
is a woman in love!
Let me to your apple
let me taste it, let me bite it
let me understand more of the meaning of life

Original Title : Mirai no Eve
By : Ali Project

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