Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Lament of Old Minister

O great man,
the one whom I see as king candidate,
you are in your way to build your own empire.

O great man,
my beloved acquaintance, friend, and family,
to walk through dangers, I give you my shoulders.

O great man,
who beloved and hailed by many people,
have you forgotten the days we walk together?

Forgot and being forgotten,
memories would decay after all.
The most important things,
constantly changing over time.

Intoxicated with woman, you forgot how to stand up for people.
Intoxicated with fame, you forgot how to not excluding people.
Intoxicated with money, you don't know anymore what is right or wrong.

O great man,
the one who is in the way to build an empire,
don't I have any value left in your eyes?

If I stay long enough,
could I prove that I'm wrong?
If I ever could turn back on time,
could I make everything to be alright?

The only comfort I could have right now,
is through this words of lamentation.

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