Sunday, September 27, 2009

Land in the Clouds (Negri di Awan)

Trough the reflection of your face
I found the love and live,
which I had been longing for
in the past...

You come toward me,
and offer your sincere heart.
You always try to understand
my true passion and desire...

You sing a song for me,
a song about the Land in the Clouds
where peace and harmony,
become it's sanctuary,
and now,
you actually already brought me there...

Now I realized,
that your heart is full of the language of love
which is clearly unveiled,
whether in the joy or in sorrow...

(terjemahan lirik lagu 'Negri di Awan' oleh Katon Bagaskara, dengan penyesuaian... ^_^ V)

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