Thursday, October 29, 2009

Favourite Quote From Legend of Mana

Love is power. Give it to another and you will bring bliss. Friends, criminals, strangers, and even yourself. All is reborn when you forgive, love, and understand. -Pokiehl the Storyteller-

You will see that it was only a dream when everything comes to an end. -Irwin-

People have the power to change themselves. -Gaeus the Earth-

Whatever will be, will be! -Selkie-

Only the heavenly silence comforts me... -Abbess Matilda-

The flow of time is about to change. People will become free. -Selva-

Except for humans, thinking and doing are the same. Humans just seperate the power to think and the power to act. -Gaeus the Earth-

There always only one choice that can be made, the choice to be free. -Matilda-

When one can enjoy the state of being lost, the one is set free from the loss. -Rosiotti-

I am the light. I am the darkness. Half of myself is what you have fought in the past. I create, I destroy, and I create again. I am love. Not all of me is just. Not all of me is pure. That is only half of myself. Those who desire my other half cross their swords. People's freedom is lost, and my truth is buried. I shall show you my darkness. You must defeat me. You will become a hero. Open the path to those who search for me. -Mana Goddess-

Without love, courage is lost. Without courage, hope is lost. Without hope, all is lost... -Mana Goddess-

The earth teaches us of the cosmos and of all its ancient memories. When the grass sprouts and stones sing, light shines on the earth. The light sparkles on the feathers of the birds of paradise. Break loose from the shackles of time! Know what freedom is! -Pokiehl-

As long as everyone thinks their right, mankind will never change.
Is that what you really want?
Without order there would be no existence, but without chaos there would be no meaning.

Remember me! Need me! I can provide you with everything! I am love. Find me and walk beside me. -Mana Goddess-

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