Sunday, June 27, 2010

Song of Friendship

Be with you in this place,
Are the most precious moment in my life.
Rain pouring over our heart,
Reaching the deepest part in it.
Yes, I wanna be your friend forever.

Day after day passed,
Every time I recall those memories,
Vividly I see, it's not a dream.
Reality that we face, whatever it is,
You and I still live under the same sky.

Valiantly, we have to grow,
In the flowing time we cannot fight against.
Carrying the responsibility to be adult,
Keeping the memories of childhood buried.
Yet, the days we've passed shall remain.

Go! We cannot turning back,
All of us shall walk on different path.
Vast this world, full with memories,
I'll remember that days with you,
Nailed within my heart always.

As we walk our own way,
Let our kindness not tainted,
Bring the hope we've used to share!
Every stepping we take on,
Roaming a success story.
Tell me, we'll always keep this innocent world of us.

Journey of us shall continue,
Open thousands of possibility.
Sing this song of friendship,
Every time as long as the sky connecting us.

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