Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Some of College Friends

He who comes and go unexpectedly :

Finding a way through hardship,
Realize that nothing lasts forever.
In thirst a mere water seems nice,
Everyday ordinary become wonder.
Nobody wants to walk a lonely life.
Drenched in pain seeking salvation,
Yet so far, but it's so near.

He who accompany in many business :

After all we've been through,
Let me become one for you.
Valley and mountain won't be able,
In every possible way to separate us.
Neither sad nor sorrow, but it's a purity.

He who is sentimentally though :

Appearance is like mirage.
Red like wine your fine lips,
Inside your heart is deep void.
Endlessly dancing in cold eternity.

He who seeks the meaning of live :

Marching endlessly in sorrow,
And don't know how to stop.
Redemption won't touch you,
Time will never give up its pride.
Identity is just a mask within mask,
Never can save you dear.

He who dance in happiness :

Just sitting alone on the dark,
Even ever know what freedom is.
Find a place where soul must be,
Recklessly run without direction.
Is the time within has been stopped?

He who always loving and lusting :

Meeting and parting again and again,
Are we supposed to be together?
Reach my heart to be part of me,
Can you feel my warm embrace?
Or my feeling towards you?

He who always think of money :

Roaming in the middle of night,
Insisting to strip everything.
Key of the door was thrown,
Knocked out till unconscious.
Yet I feel the pleasure this time.

He who singing the song of live :

Waiting for eternity in coldness,
In the grave banquet is held.
Let the scream of night echoing,
In the mortals' heart they dwell.
Under hearts do darkness sleep,
Seeking for light it never understand.

He who write this all :

Break the soul of your beloved,
Alter it with the darkest of night.
Real nightmares starts now,
Reality is not different from it.
Yell as loud as possible all you live.

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