Wednesday, December 7, 2011

6 of 7 Sins

1st sin

Haunting in the heart of mortals,
All the day and night screaming loud.
Tears of sorrow falling in despair,
Reach the darkest memory inside.
Ending is the part of beginning,
Deal with fate will never make it.

2nd sin

Luring at dark like spider web,
Unending desire will never satisfying.
Sealed and concealed under love,
Tainting it when nobody notice.

3rd sin

Persisted to become something,
Rotten things ignored like nothing.
In the long road always searching,
Deep inside will never find anything.
Every eye shall look when not asked.

4th sin

Everyone born with treasure,
Not many seeking their own.
Vanity originate from this,
You want others' but not yours.

5th sin

Granted wish will never fulfilling,
Running endlessly in the wheel of pain.
Everybody should have desire,
Eagerly tried to reach happiness.
Dumber doesn't know this is endless.

6th sin

Seeing but not understanding,
Let everything passing without effort.
Over horizon there may be happiness,
Too bad that nobody try to reach it.
Hail shall never wait for the lazies.

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