Monday, July 23, 2012

Those Who Aim to the Future

The Jester of Palace :

Everyone has right to smile,
Do understand what hapiness is!
Wandering around to share life,
Altering sorrow with a bit joy.
Realize that everything changing,
Dilligently keeping this sincere laugh.

The Librarian of Palace :

Alluring incrinate knowledge,
Let the words come to be known.
All the things spoken in haste,
Nothing missed but nobody understand.

The Wanderer :

Kiss, by which a curse is lifted,
Underlying endless slumber of dreamer.
Reality as we know shall fall someday,
Nobody knows when that time will comes.
In the deep of night, a man must be alert!

The Royal Knight :

Desperately struggling for an apple,
An apple that taste as sweet as sins.
Repeated mistakes makes someone learns,
Reality is a harsh things to be made friend.
Everyone strive to understand themself,
Note that the outer reflects the inner.

The Mentor of Palace :

If you ever know what a pain is,
Will you understand what is happiness?
Answers of this question was searched,
Nothing impossible, but hard though.

The Royal Acolyte :

Thinking the way you are,
In the despair trying to understand.
Nothing could be achieved,
Endlessly lamenting in sorrow.

The Guardian of Royal Harem :

Antidote of a deadly poison,
No other than the poison itself.
Doubt is the root of knowledge,
Yet, nobody dares to.

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