Monday, February 11, 2013

A Sincere Prayer

I usually don't realize that I've been bleeding,
until I see my own bloody wound.
Alas, I usually don't realize that my heart has been hurt,
until I feel my tears coming down.

Sometimes I just don't understand,
what actually I'm expecting?
What do I want?
And what is the most important things to me...

I don't even know whether I love you or not,

but whenever I see you cry,
even if my own tears already dried up,
I'm starting to feel the sadness that is left within me.

And when I see you smile,
even if I myself cannot smile,
I'm starting to feel a little joy that is still left within me.

It's ok when I'm hurt,
for I already used to it.
But it's hurting me more,
to see you are being hurt.

So please take care of yourself,
for I cannot always be with you everytime.
I have my own life,
you have your own life.

Sometimes in the future,
our path will be separated,
and yet will intersect again.

Even if I don't hear about you,
what are you doing,
or how are you now,
I pray for night and day,
that I will never hear that you are grieveing.

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