Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Prayer of Purification

The Great Wisdom One, Protector of this world,
whose shine cannot compare to the thousand moon,
in you I'm taking refuge,
for my sins are too great for any human to be forgiven,
please have a compassion upon me and grant me peace.

Whenever anger and wrath arise within my mind,
thinking that everything is wrong,
and desperately try to destroy everything,
O the Immovable One from the peace of mind,
grant me such tranquility for my mind has been distorted by hatred,
to see things like mirror that reflect everything without judgement,
to be like the sky that never holding black or white,
but simply let things come and pass,
thus accomplishing the true peace without being affected by outer influence.

Whenever ego and pride arise within my mind,
seeing myself highly and the most rightful one,
yet seeing others as filthy loathe,
O the Precious One whose mind adorned by wisdom,
let me see the true fundamental of every living things that is without difference,
for everyone is born from the same cause, stained by the same things, and suffer equally,
but like lotus flower, they could rise from the dirt in beauty,
leaving the filth behind,
thus accomplishing the highest vision that could see beauty within everyone.

Whenever lust and attachment arise within my mind,
burned with passion, forgetting everything else,
blindly doing anything for happiness that not lasts long.
O the Bright One who shines upon the darkness of mind,
shine upon me too so I can see things as they are clearly,
without judging based on our ordinary concept that falsely formed,
for everything is just exist, but our deluded mind who label it as pleasing or not.
With the clear mind free from deluded lust,
thus accomplishing the true joy that is free from craving and attachment.

Whenever envy and jealousy arise within my mind,
greedily craving for other's belonging,
and be angry with other's virtue,
O the Swift One in action and compassion,
release me from ordinary concept that build since beginningless time,
about what is important and what is not,
so I can truly see the true importance in my life,
without influenced by other's,
thus accomplishing the true attainment that brings true happiness.

Whenever confusion and ignorance arise within my mind,
unable to understand and explain the wisdom,
and unable to differ what is right or wrong,
O the Perfect one in every aspect,
bless me with your unlimited wisdom,
that could see and understand everything under and beyond this sky.
For I have nothing but a pure devotion to You,
please show me the way, that lead into the perfect wisdom,
that I may have no regret in everything I do.

O Blessed One,
that is both peaceful and wrathful,
your kindness grant me peace and joy that I never had,
but your wisdom let me see through the bitterness that reside in live.
The path you've shown, only me who can walk it.
I pray for your blessing,
that no obstacle may harm me,
that I may go through this purification safely,
for joy and sorrow is nothing but separated by this filthy mind.

When the time comes,
may I join You for saving even more live,
to grant them peace, to grant them wisdom,
to grant them endless joy,
as the repay of Your kindness.

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