Monday, January 27, 2014


Too much perfection is not good,
because a bit imperfection is what makes this world perfect.
But how much that "a bit"?
By our pitiful human knowledge, we tend to think too much or too little.

When the question that are impossible to be answered being asked,
what kind of answer we should reply with?
THEY said to be silence is really disrespectful,
THEY said to answer means the very same disrespect!

When problems that aren't have any concrete solution being told,
the only advice is just we have to manage our mindset.
THEY said it's rude to talk that way for of person,
THEY said to remain idle to that thing is not good too.

The fatality of a fault we try to avoid...

When we are in awry position,
that doing something means fault,
that not doing something also means fault,
What more I could say? What more I could ask?

When a fault that are not our doings being told to us,
in a way that is beyond our comprehension to be replied,
Is that means that THEY expect words of apologize from us?
Or is that means that THEY are actually blaming us?

When unfavorable conditions arise,
should we blame others or should we blame our self?
No matter what we choose, both are destructive.
We hurt others, we hurt ourselves...

No matter how close peoples are,
in the end we should, we must understand,
it's nearly impossible to be able to understand others perfectly,
it's nearly impossible for each of us to be understood perfectly by others.

Each of us surrounded by an invisible fortress that must remain untouched,
too far and it means avoidance, too close and it means insult.
But how can we measure each others best distance?
How can we expect for others to understand our best distance?

The blue sky looked upon us proudly,
embracing our laugh and lament.
Can't we live without hurting anything?
Laugh is but a pain relievers...

Being understand and being understood,
its chance is like a grain within desert...

To talk like this to a person,
most will think this words are offenses.
The only thing I could do is write publicly and pray,
that this words will be heard by those who are concerned!

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