Tuesday, October 29, 2013


"Do what you love"

I wanna do what I love and live my life fully,
but if I do what I love, nobody can rely on me.
After all, money is the things that turns this world around...

"Love what you do"

If I don't like it in the first place,
can I learn to love it as the time goes by?
They said, being adult means we can smile no matter what things we must done...
Whether we like it or not...
And maybe I'm just not adult enough...
I cannot do what I love, therefore I must learn to love what I do...

"If I stopped to cherish myself, will the world come to cherish me?"

The worst I afraid of,
is when I throw away every single happiness,
or even to abandon all my hope as well,
nobody come to cherish at all,
and live is more like a machine without feeling...

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