Thursday, September 5, 2013

Between Sky and You

Original Title : Sora to Kimi no Aida ni
By : Nakajima Miyuki

In your time of sorrow,
I will be a poplar branch.
I have not the words to say
To take advantage of a lonely girl.

I saw the true nature
Of the one who made you cry
On that long-ago night,
When you held me back and drove me off.

My love is still here.
It is still here, forever.

Between the sky and you,
Cold rain will fall today.
If you would only show me a smile,
I would do anything, right or wrong.

[Repeat Chorus]

When men swear lightly,
"I understand your heart,"
Why do women go to them,
And then cry?

It hurts me so to see
Your eyes steeled in anger.
Don't let yourself be
Forever bound to him by hatred.

My love is still here.
It is still here, so hold your head up high.

[Repeat chorus x 3]

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