Friday, September 13, 2013

Don't Ask Who I Am

Original title : Bie Wen Wo Shi Sui
By: Linda Wong

I've never said whom I love, or who I'm languishing for
I've never even considered if it's right or not
My eyes are filled with exhaustion
I always feel it's tiring to face myself

I also need someone to be with me, to not let me be heartbroken
To let me love deeply without regret
Actually, I'm not even like what they say
Having many thorns, and hard to be comforted

A lover's heart shouldn't have faults
Then, why am I always crying at night?
Everyday, embracing my loneliness to sleep
Experiencing a life without any flavor

Don't ask who I am, please love me
No one can understand my sincerity
There aren't many people like me
Why must I still suffer like this?

Don't ask who I am, please be honest with me
See the tears flowing in the corners of my eyes
You and I don't have any differences at all
But my heart is more easily broken

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